About Us

The Learned Lemur's conspiracy is a small but dedicated group of like-minded weirdos that work everyday to save unique and bizarre antiques and place them in private collections and museums around the world.
We work hard to keep rare and one-of-a-kind items from ending up unappreciated or destroyed forever. Collectors like you prevent parts of our history which others may find unsavory from disappearing for good.

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Meet the Crew

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Name: Gio aka: Jon Alberico, He/Him
Occupation: Owner, Lead Weirdo, Head Articulator, Ringmaster of the Conspiracy Circus
About Me: I grew up in an antique shop in South Broadway, along Denver’s Antiques Row. My dad would take me to auction houses, estate sales, and farm auctions. As a weird little kid, I began picking and buying all the odd things no one else wanted and before long I had what people now call an oddities collection. Back then it was looked down upon and no one understood my shelves of skulls and old medical tools. I knew there had to be others out there like me, and now I get to meet a new weirdo every day!
Personal Oddities Collection: Pathological Skulls and Poison Bottles
Completely Made up Fact About Yourself: My hands are the same distance from the ground as everyone else's
Phone: 720-600-7585 Email: Jonathan@learnedlemur.com

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Name: Bex Schimoler, She/Her
Occupation: Owner, Lead Ass-thete, Empress of Social Media, Resident Serial Killer Expert
About Me: I’ve tried my hand at quite a few different art forms and professions, including photography, makeup artistry, and working as a gallery coordinator at a top Chicago art gallery. Having always had an interest in the strange and macabre, working as a part of the conspiracy is a perfect fit for combining my love of art and beauty with my interest in death and creepy history.
Personal Oddities Collection: Postmortem photographs of Priests, Polly and Steph the poly-cephalic calves
Completely Made up Fact About Yourself: My hands are farther from the ground than Shaquille O'Neal's.
Phone: 720-600-7585 Email: Bex@learnedlemur.com


Name: Eleonora Cross, She/They.
Occupation: House Witch, Death Doula, Herbalist, and recovering Art Historian.
About Me: I’m a queer, polyamorous, death doula, practicing witch and herbalist. I am a collector and appreciator of all things strange and unusual. Death is a friend of mine. I received my bachelors degree from MSU Denver in Art History, Theory, and Criticism in 2018.
Personal Oddities Collection: I love a good bone and shiny crystal! But my favorite in my collection is my beloved Corgi, Guinness Bear’s fully articulated skeleton and heart wet specimen. I also have an antique pill bottle from my grandfather’s pharmacy.
Completely Made up Fact About Yourself: I’m a Lemurian alien and the founder of Atlantis.


Name: Saiko, She/her.
Occupation: Beetle Wrangler, Lead Skinner, flesh removing Navajo Ninja
About Me: I'm a crafty person who loves working with my hands. Along with my love of computers and games, I also love cats and am taco motivated. I've always had an interest in the macabre and death. My insides are full of stars.
Personal Oddities Collection: Working my way to get more into my collection. I've got teeth, both animal and human. Hearts and mice in jars as well as skulls.
Completely Made up Fact About Yourself:  I was once person of the year for Time Magazine.


Name: Alabaster, She/her.
Occupation: Pain Proof Woman at The Conspiracy Circus, Keeper of the sacred bad attitude.
About Me: Alabaster is a burlesque performer, producer, and two-time award-winning kitten with a knack for creating art out of chaos even she wasn’t expecting. She is the producer of Blassphemy, Denver’s own metal burlesque show, and a core member of the Philly-based metal burlesque troupe SlutChurch. This chaotic Capricorn is known for her weird and sometimes successful mix of grimy, comedic burlesque and totally unhinged narcissism.
Personal Oddities Collection: 2 goat skulls (named Betty and peter), several baculum, dead bee display, more horseshoe hearts and bent nails than I can count, a collection of over 40 crystals, and  many many macabre pieces of art over my altar.
Completely Made up Fact About Yourself: I've punched a man in a bakery for stealing the last loaf of chocolate chip brioche.


Name: BF Reid, Reid Wilson, He/Him
Occupation: Producer, Emcee, Resident Strongman of the Conspiracy Circus
About Me: BF Reid is a multiple world record holding real life cartoon character! He's the boy that was just too darn nice to work for the mafia so he decided to use his unnatural gifts for good and joined a sideshow instead! A descendant of the titan Atlas himself, he'll bend your mind with astounding feats of strength as he bends steel using just his body!
Personal Oddities Collection: Preserved Tiger Salamander, Bat Skeleton, Muskrat Skull, Carrion Crow Skull, Vervet Monkey Skull, Tom Thumb Photograph 
Completely Made up Fact About Yourself: I'm a Golden Retriever trapped in a man's body by an evil wizard of the coast.

Want to preform with The Conspiracy Circus?
Contact BF Reid: reidbabyfacewilson@gmail.com


Name: Crash Landon, Any/All
Occupation: In house photographer, Videographer, Light and sound crew for The Conspiracy Circus.
About Me: Crash Landon is a Freelance Videographer in the Denver metro area. Crash first got into videography because of their desire to share others' struggles. Crash believes sharing stories and point of view to gain empathetic understanding of peoples' "why" and their journey to get there. Crash believes once we understand each other's "why," then people will move forward together with shared empathy.
Personal Oddities Collection: as of now, All of the skeletons Crash presently owns are in use by one American Staffordshire terror who’s name is Demo, and two Dendrobates tinctorius who’s names are Pat and Mcgoin. That being said, Gio has crafted me a 20 sided human bone die that has come in handy many times.
Completely Made up Fact About Yourself:
I support law enforcement

Need an Amazing Photographer or Videographer?
Message Crash today: booking@crashlandon.video