About Us

The Learned Lemur's conspiracy is a small but dedicated group of like-minded weirdos that work everyday to save unique and bizarre antiques and place them in private collections and museums around the world.
We work hard to keep rare and one-of-a-kind items from ending up unappreciated or destroyed forever. Collectors like you prevent parts of our history which others may find unsavory from disappearing for good.

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Meet the Team

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Name: Gio aka: Jon Alberico, He/Him
Occupation: Owner, Lead Weirdo, Head Articulator, Ringmaster of the Conspiracy Circus
About Me: I grew up in an antique shop in South Broadway, along Denver’s Antiques Row. My dad would take me to auction houses, estate sales, and farm auctions. As a weird little kid, I began picking and buying all the odd things no one else wanted and before long I had what people now call an oddities collection. Back then it was looked down upon and no one understood my shelves of skulls and old medical tools. I knew there had to be others out there like me, and now I get to meet a new weirdo every day!
Personal Oddities Collection: Pathological Skulls and Poison Bottles
Completely Made up Fact About Yourself: My hands are the same distance from the ground as everyone else's
Phone: 720-600-7585 Email: Jonathan@learnedlemur.com


Name: Bex Schimoler, She/Her
Occupation: Owner, Lead Ass-thete, Empress of Social Media, Resident Serial Killer Expert
About Me: I’ve tried my hand at quite a few different art forms and professions, including photography, makeup artistry, and working as a gallery coordinator at a top Chicago art gallery. Having always had an interest in the strange and macabre, working as a part of the conspiracy is a perfect fit for combining my love of art and beauty with my interest in death and creepy history.
Personal Oddities Collection: Postmortem photographs of not kids, Polly and Steph the poly-cephalic calves
Completely Made up Fact About Yourself: My hands are farther from the ground than Shaquille O'Neal's.
Phone: 720-600-7585 Email: Bex@learnedlemur.com


Name: Eleonora Cross, She/They.
Occupation: House Witch, Death Doula, Herbalist, and recovering Art Historian.
About Me: I’m a queer, polyamorous, death doula, practicing witch and herbalist. I am a collector and appreciator of all things strange and unusual. Death is a friend of mine. I received my bachelors degree from MSU Denver in Art History, Theory, and Criticism in 2018.
Personal Oddities Collection: I love a good bone and shiny crystal! But my favorite in my collection is my beloved Corgi, Guinness Bear’s fully articulated skeleton and heart wet specimen. I also have an antique pill bottle from my grandfather’s pharmacy.
Completely Made up Fact About Yourself: I’m a Lemurian alien and the founder of Atlantis.
Phone: 720-600-7585